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Your well being is our priority ...

Your well being is our priority ...

In a rural environment, but close to the city, the farmhouse of the lavandeiras presents a quiet, cozy and country atmosphere. We propose to those who visit us the possibility of staying in our rooms, integrated in the stately house of the property.


The house presents a mix of architectural styles in which the modern touch meets the rustic elements of the past, combined with the comfort of our days. The rooms claim decorative elements common to the identity of the property, once a meeting point for women who washed their belongings in the lavender tank.


Although the various documents point to the century. XIX the registration period of the property, the house features stone elements, dating back to 1736 which testify to its date of construction.


The manor house has four bedrooms, with private bathroom, screen TV and heating. All rooms overlook the front of the house. It also features different living rooms and a dining room and breakfast.


On warmer days the pleasant outdoor terrace can be the ideal space for breakfast, as well as the different areas of the garden, ideal for a cocktail at the end of the day and enjoy the sunset. A romantic garden with a dome of camellias surrounds and completes the house in a natural environment, where one contemplates the nature in tune with the sound of water that fades in the tank of the lavandeiras.